Data Science for Engineering

Oneirix Labs helps clients optimize engineering with a judicious blend of mathematical modeling, physics simulations, data science, optimization algorithms, machine learning, and artificial intelligence

Exquisite engineering requires optimization: you wish to minimize energy and material usage, while achieving or exceeding performance expectations. But to optimize designs, we need predictive ability — only when we can predict outcomes of decisions in advance, can we hope to take the optimal decisions.

How then, can we develop the ability to predict outcomes of engineering decisions? There are two classes of prediction technologies available. Physics based prediction is the use of mathematical and physical models, and simulation technology to predict effects of engineering decisions. Data based prediction is the use of data science, statistics and A.I. to build predictive models.

These two classes of modeling are not either–or. To balance uncertainty, accuracy and computability, various prediction techniques have to be blended judiciously. This is why your best bet is a team of people that understands both physics-based and data-based techniques exquisitely.

Through an appropriate blend of modeling techniques, and by using large-scale optimization algorithms, Oneirix Labs helps you produce optimal engineering results in product design and in process operation.

The algorithms we create can be engineered by our experts to utilize vast compute infrastructure — whether it be captive supercomputing or on-demand cloud computing. This allows processing of vast data, and intelligent search through large optimization spaces, to deliver better information and better decisions.

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We design advanced algorithms that solve problems in oil & gas production, power grid management, energy pricing, equipment maintenance prediction, and more.

We designed and built a platform for data-informed and physics-informed simulations of large-scale multi-year oil & gas production projects. Our platform integrates diverse data and simulations, runs multiple scenarios, and makes future projections of production decisions and infrastructure development.

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