Operations & Optimization

We help optimise operations, with our expertise in data science and optimization methods, combined with applied math and physics. We have done so for industrial, business, engineering, and public sector operations.

We employ a vast array of optimization techniques, including analytical, numerical, heuristic, A.I., and combinatorial optimization.

Our own combinatorial optimization framework helps us specify and automatically parallelize complex optimization problems, and run the solutions in the cloud.

We offer consulting and subject matter expertise in operations and optimization with and without the use of our combinatorial optimization framework.

Combinatorial Optimization Framework

Our Combinatorial Optimization Framework is capable of massive optimization of bus routes, shipments, warehouses, schedules and more. It allows us to design and run powerful search strategies, using one or more algorithmic techniques, on large-scale cloud infrastructure.

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Logistics Optimization

Logistics problems tend to become extraordinarily difficult to optimize. For example, how can we package and transport millions of items, using thousands of vehicles, while managing complex schedules with varying delivery guarantees, and not lose money?

The logistics planning technology created by us excels at this task. And, it has very diverse applications, including food delivery, grocery delivery, road transport of industrial goods, shipping by air / sea, and so forth.

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Public Transport Optimization

Public transport systems are often overloaded or underutilized, leading to large inefficiencies. The volume of data the systems can generate, combined with several sources of variability, create hard decision problems. A combination of data science and combinatorial optimization can help run far more responsive and well-utilized public transport systems.

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Oil & Gas Production Optimization

We designed and built a platform for data-informed and physics-informed simulations of large-scale multi-year oil & gas production projects. The platform integrates diverse data and simulations, runs multiple scenarios, and makes future projections of production decisions and infrastructure development.

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