Parallel Processing & Cloud

Oneirix Labs has expertise in all aspects of parallel processing & cloud computing, including:

Creating advanced algorithms for parallel computing, and special-purpose parallel programming frameworks.

Building and deploying highly-available and fault-tolerant cloud-based solutions for projects involving artificial intelligence, digital enterprise, algorithmic computing, etc.

We have applied our expertise to hard-core computing problems like parallel scheduling, as well as business applications like engineering process optimization and logistics optimization.


Parallel Programming

We invented pioneering parallel programming technology years before GPUs became commonplace. Our patents that resulted from this work have been cited many times, in patents by nVIDIA, as well as by Microsoft, Intel, and HP in their work on GPUs and parallel computing.

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Parallel Scheduling

Oneirix Labs has deep expertise in parallel scheduling algorithms, and their analysis methods. Notably, we have produced highly-cited patents, designed and implemented various scheduling algorithms, and produced novel research with wide practical applications.

Parallel scheduling algorithms & their analysis

Data Science for Oil & Gas Production

We designed and built a platform for data-informed and physics-informed simulations of large-scale multi-year oil & gas production projects. Our platform integrates diverse data and simulations, runs multiple scenarios, and makes future projections of production decisions and infrastructure development.

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Combinatorial Optimization Framework

Our Combinatorial Optimization Framework is capable of massive optimization of bus routes, shipments, warehouses, schedules and more. It allows us to design and run powerful search strategies, using one or more algorithmic techniques, on large-scale cloud infrastructure.

Combinatorial Optimization Framework