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Energy & Materials

Humans progress by mastering energy and matter

At Oneirix Labs, we ceaselessly pursue an ever-deeper many-dimensional understanding of energy and materials — from developing new math and new algorithms, to building advanced devices and machines

Over the last decade, we have …

… developed breakthrough mathematics to create new capabilities in diverse areas like nonlinear materials testing, plasticity, and efficient light sources

… designed novel optimization algorithms for oil & gas production, heliostat arrays, CT scanning, power grids, and more

… invented sophisticated machines for advanced materials testing and modeling

… engineered data science and physics simulation platforms for traditional and alternative energy development


Heliostat Field Design

Traditional heliostat array optimization techniques optimize overall mirror densities and placement patterns. We found further efficiencies, by choosing to optimize individual mirror positions.

More about heliostats and solar power

Universal Elasticity Modeling System

We are currently designing a “Universal Elasticity Modeling System”, and its associated algorithms. A machine capable of testing and predicting behaviour of any elastic material, the UEMS builds upon in-house work we have done on elasticity theory and multiaxial material testing.

Can a material testing system be “Universal”?