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Alternative Energy Engineering

We are ideal partners in your quest to invent an alternate, sustainable, energy future

It's still early days in the global push to achieve energy diversity. We don't yet know what the right sustainable mix might be. And we're discovering myriad complications and tradeoffs, as we strive to develop alternate and clean energy sources.

One thing is clear, though. Creating new, cleaner energy sources requires exquisite, cross-disciplinary understanding of engineering, physics, data science, control algorithms, planning / optimization, and market economics.

New technology can help improve the energy scenario in two ways. It can increase energy supply by harnessing new energy sources and optimizing existing ones. And it can reduce energy demand by optimizing or re-engineering what we do and how we do it.

At Oneirix Labs, our multi-disciplinary team of experts deeply understands these complexities and tradeoffs. We have the requisite applied sciences sophistication, as well as advanced engineering expertise to help build energy solutions appropriate to your context. This makes us ideal partners in your quest to invent a sustainable energy future.


Heliostat Field Design

Traditional heliostat array optimization techniques optimize overall mirror densities and placement patterns. We found further efficiencies, by choosing to optimize individual mirror positions.

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Large Uniform Light Source

We developed new mathematical theory to prove that it is possible to create very large, perfectly uniform, and extremely high efficiency light sources. This opens up ways to reduce lighting energy demand, by eliminating human inconvenience caused by the glare of small, bright light sources.

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