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Large Uniform Light Source

Small light sources, when used to light up an entire room create glare. Humans blinded by the glare need brighter lighting to be able to see; thus leading to more light sources and more glare. A glaring paradox!

What if we sourced uniform light from large surface areas? Then we could completely eliminate the problem of glare. However, it is extremely hard to create a large light surface that's uniform and also highly efficient. In fact, traditional optical engineering expects there to be a tradeoff between these three goals.

Oneirix Labs developed new mathematics to prove that a solution exists where this trade-off vanishes. As a result, it is possible to create extremely large, perfectly uniform, and extremely high efficiency light sources.

Speaking in mathematical terms, we have developed methods to solve inverse boundary value problems for a 5 dimensional integro-partial differential equation whose coefficients are homogenized versions of the way partially polarized light reacts to Mie scattering. Not only does this new mathematics prove the trade-off vanishing theory, but also practically helps design such light sources.

Read the theory and application in patent no. US8876354.