Medical Devices

Oneirix Labs helps MedTech companies go to market faster, with optimally designed and superbly engineered medical devices. Our multidisciplinary team of applied scientists and engineers helps you achieve great patient outcomes.


We partner with our clients in many ways: as subject matter experts, as partners in engineering, and also as long-range strategic R&D partners

Our experience includes conceiving, inventing, architecting, prototyping, and engineering medical devices and technologies. Where applicable, we may also provide our own in house tools, like computational frameworks, algorithms, and mathematical and physics models, as part of our work, or on flexible IP licensing terms.


Electrical Impedance Tomography

Tomography is gaining information about the interior of an object while remaining on the outside. Tomography methods, generally involving advanced mathematics and physics, are very important in medical imaging. Though certain types of tomography such as CT and MRI have become famous, researchers are developing newer methods which will detect more diseases, have more resolution and contrast, and be cheaper.

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Single Fiber Endoscopy

Endoscopes are used in the medical domain to see inside the body in a minimally invasive fashion. Endoscopes are thin — some of them are no more than a quarter inch in diameter. Even though this is great, imagine the applications of an endoscope that is only a few tens of a micron in diameter. Essentially, you could use a syringe as an endoscope.

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Noise Cancellation for Cochlear Implants

Cochlear implants are neural implants which allow people with severe hearing loss to perceive sound and speech. A lot can be done to improve sound perception for patients implanted with such neuroacoustic implants. One very important aspect is improving sound quality by reducing noise.

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