ASIC & Embedded Systems

We help create optimal medical devices using custom-created ASICs and embedded systems

We deeply study the functionality required for a medical application and judiciously determine the software-hardware split of tasks. Our expert engineers design the hardware blocks, and the interfaces for ASICs, right from the specification stage, through simulation, verification, and validation. Further, we design algorithms that utilize hardware blocks optimally to achieve the required functionality.

Sometimes an ASIC is not the right answer. We then design and engineer the required functionality using standard off-the-shelf ICs, hardware modules, and custom controlling algorithms and software. Oneirix Labs has vast experience in designing and prototyping such embedded systems for medical as well as non-medical applications.

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Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs) perform critical signal processing and specialised computing tasks in many kinds of medical equipment.

ASIC designers must trade off flexibility with speed and power efficiency. Usually one must optimally combine a general-purpose microcontroller core with one or more specially designed hardware modules. One can gain flexibility and reduce fabrication costs by making the microcontroller and/or standard sister ICs perform all tasks. On the other hand, one can design custom specialty hardware to deliver better performance and power efficiency.

Better hardware performance directly impacts patient outcomes, as better algorithms implies better control and more resilience to exceptional situations. Power efficiency impacts battery life, and increased battery life increases mobility and independence.