Consumer Electronics

Make magic happen with Optics and Electronics

Oneirix Labs helps invent novel consumer and industrial products, with our cutting-edge know-how of light physics, ASICs, control systems, signal processing, applied mathematics, and data science


We have invented techniques and mathematics that make possible transparent light sources, single waveguide imaging, colour insensitive pigments, and more. Our theoretical work has myriad applications in consumer tech, medical devices, art, architecture, and industrial applications.

Our tenacious, committed engineering group makes the magic happen, by shaping novel theoretical work, into novel products and technologies. Together, our theory and engineering groups work industriously to deliver your projects in a time bound fashion.


Eye-to-eye Video Conferencing

We developed a technology that enables us to truly see each other face to face, eye to eye, on video chat. This helps capture all the richness and nuance of a genuine human conversation.

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Highly Efficient LCD Screens

LCDs lose 50% of light energy at the polarizer. Imagine the impact of energy savings and battery life extension, if we could make LCDs use all the available light.

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Multi-axial Material Testing Machine

To build this machine, we translated sophisticated mathematics into microelectronics, multi-axial control units, and embedded software.

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