ASIC & Embedded Development

Many specialised computing and signal processing problems demand custom integrated circuit solutions. Cryptocurrency miners, for example, use Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASICs) to perform specialised mathematical computations as fast as possible, while consuming as little power as possible.

Instead of ASICs, one may choose to use Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs), or other embedded system designs. The choice depends on the mix of application requirements, e.g. type of computation to perform, latency/speed, safety, power efficiency, thermal limits, and time and budget constraints. ASIC design, for example, can be very expensive in time and money.

Oneirix Labs has vast experience in designing and prototyping embedded systems for a variety of applications in many industries. We have designed optimal hardware, as well as embedded hardware optimization algorithms.

We deeply study the functionality required for an application, and judiciously determine the software-hardware split of tasks. Our expert engineers design the hardware blocks, and the interfaces for ASICs, right from the specification stage, through simulation, verification, and validation. Sometimes an ASIC is not the right answer. We then design and engineer the required functionality using standard off-the-shelf ICs, hardware modules, and custom controlling algorithms and software.