Consumer Applications

Oneirix Labs has the applied sciences and advanced engineering expertise to help you invent, develop and build novel consumer tech ideas, from math to machine

We help consumer device makers respond to the “thinner, lighter, faster, smarter” market imperative. We help build advanced sensing and data gathering capabilities into products. We help reduce size, weight, and part count for manufacturing ease. Our engineering solutions ensure a fluent, seamless interaction from the consumer's hand to the cloud. Our advanced algorithms help deliver intelligent new capabilities that simplify tasks for the consumer. And our multidisciplinary physics practice helps you develop new unprecedented capabilities.

Oneirix Labs can help you conceive, research, architect, and build exquisite new consumer products, and take path-breaking product capabilities to market.


Eye-to-Eye Video Conferencing

While video chatting using laptops, tablets or smartphones, it seems that people do not look at each other directly, but look elsewhere. This tiresome illusion is created due to the parallax between the screen and the camera. If we could remove this parallax, communication would become so much more natural. How do we do it? It requires physics, electronics and algorithms.

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Large, Uniform, Efficient Light Source

When a small light source illuminates an entire room, its glare blinds humans. A large, uniform source of light would light the same room evenly, but would itself be glare-free. In the limit, you may end up wondering where the light is coming from!

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