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We are a full-service engineering firm that helps you build advanced game-changing technology. With expertise spanning Mechanical, Electronic and Algorithm development, our accomplished team has been creating technology innovations for clients across the world for 16 years.

Think of us as engineers and mathematicians for hire — with professional timelines, flexible IP arrangements and diverse contract options. We build leading technologies that are grounded in mathematics and engineered for business needs.

What are Oneirix's unique capabilities?

Oneirix houses both engineers and applied theoreticians. Our team is comprised of MS and PhDs from top universities around the world. We have diverse capabilities, with experts in the fields of computer science, electrical and electronics engineering, mechanical engineering, pure and applied mathematics, computational physics and data science. To create new technology, this is the kind of people that you need.

Furthermore, Oneirix has 16 years of experience with cross-disciplinary team work across these domains. Technological expertise in a host of fields as well as efficient integration across different disciplines make us suited for dealing with the unpredictable technical challenges that technology development entails. Oneirix prides itself on executing projects within timelines and budgets that suit industrial customers and start-ups.

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How do customers engage with Oneirix?

As a customer, you can approach us with a specific problem to solve, or with a technological objective you wish to achieve. You tell us the technology you wish to create (or improve), and we will show you the most practical and cost-effective way to do that.

In most cases, we will quote fixed timelines and budgets to achieve pre-defined outcomes. But we are more than happy to make exceptions; based on your needs or on the open-ended nature of a project. Our contracts can range from fixed time and budget, to monthly or even hourly billed rates.

We have standard contracts that are flexible enough to accommodate different customer needs. We work with you to find out what suits you best.

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Who owns the intellectual property?

The intellectual property created during a project's timeline is owned by our customers. Oneirix has filed more than 135 patent applications in various countries across the world. Most of these patent applications and the patents ensuing from them are owned by our various clients. Our internal fully-functional IP cell can help you file for patent protection; or we will be happy to work with your IP lawyers.

Some of our clients wish their business problems to be solved, but do not intend to own the IP (especially if the problem being solved is not in their primary domain of expertise). In such cases, we are happy to make flexible deals which involve us owning the IP, and customers getting a significant discount.

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What kinds of projects does Oneirix usually do?

First and foremost, ideating and creating new technologies. We will create new algorithms for you, and new hardware to go with these algorithms. The algorithms can be from the fields of AI, machine learning, signal processing, data science and more. The hardware to go with these algorithms can be either novel combinations of currently available components (electronics, cloud, GPU, …) or in some cases completely new hardware (where our computational physics and prototyping capabilities are most useful).

Secondly, developing and prototyping products based on new technologies. Our engineering teams will develop exquisitely and precisely engineered products based on new technologies. We will develop the electronics, the mechanical components and the algorithms. We will prototype these products and help you transition to large scale manufacturing or deployment.

Finally, we also often perform intellectual property analysis. Innovations and patents go hand-in-hand. As engineers and scientists in continuous contact with the field of intellectual property protection we are ideally situated to perform IP analysis for you — whether it is analysis of your own patents, or that of your competitors; whether you want to ensure you don't infringe your competitors' patents, or they don't infringe yours!

Oneirix is always happy to take on a new type of challenge. If you have a technical or mathematical project which doesn't quite fit any of these descriptions: Go ahead and reach out to us, we'd love to hear about it!

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