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Engagement Models

No two technology development projects are alike. We take pride in being able to fit in your engineering and business context.

Our unique organization structure allows us to be as flexible as you need, and as committed as required. We can provide you just-in-time expertise on the go; and we can also be your long-term technology partners — collaborating with your engineering teams to achieve technology goals.

Here are various ways in which you may engage us

Duration: Short / Long. Our shortest project ran for 10 hours, our longest for 7 years! Whether you are looking for
     a few hours of specialist consultation
     a few months worth of R&D exploration or
     a large, multi-year technology development engagement
we can accommodate your requirements.

Type of Work. Our analytical and practical abilities can be utilized in diverse ways:
     exploring how a technology challenge may be solved
     focused theoretical research on a problem
     developing technology prototypes
     core engineering work
     turnkey technology development
     IP analysis and strategy

Work Commitment: Intermittent / Continuous. You may need intermittent help from us when you are looking to
     tide over resource crunches or
     fill gaps in your internal expertise
On the other hand, you may need committed long-term experts and resources working at a steady rate. We provide top-notch talent in both cases.

Working Style: Independent / Collaborative. Some clients offload work to us, and wait for us to provide the output. For other clients, we work in continuous close collaboration with their engineering teams. The experience you have gained in your business area, combined with our expertise in various theoretical and engineering domains creates technologies that are advanced yet practical.

IP Sharing. On many projects, new intellectual property (IP) is developed. Who owns this IP? We have worked with the entire range of possibilities of we owning the IP developed, to the client owning the IP developed, and various intermediate possibilities. We are keen on working with you to find a solution that fits your business and economic goals.