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Exceptional Technical Talent on Demand

We hire exceptionally talented people, and support them with an unparalleled continuous education program, multiple labs, scientific & simulation softwares, books and journal subscriptions, conference budgets, and expert mentoring

This raw talent, combined with deep, diverse engineering experience is available to you for your technology projects on demand

Polymath Problem Solvers

Oneirix Labs is a team of skilled, hands-on polymaths. We bring to bear our multidisciplinary expertise in solving real-world problems using core engineering methods, data science and A.I, applied mathematics and applied physics.

We hire for engineering and mathematical brilliance, for R&D leadership ability, and for diversity of experience. While several of us are from top universities around the world, several others have more eclectic backgrounds, having gained experience in unconventional ways.

Together, we have invented novel technologies, and engineered ingenious products and solutions. For some of this work, we have been awarded patents around the world — several dozen now, and counting.

Continuous Education

Achieving expertise is not a one-time effort, but a continuous process that involves constant learning. We consciously craft and grow our organization, in depth and in multidisciplinary capabilities. We invest heavily in expert education, with a formal, in-house continuous learning program.

Learn more about our in-house continuous education program

Stimulating Infrastructure Environment

We invest heavily in resources required to create a rich, stimulating intellectual environment. Advanced technical books, journal access, technical society memberships, attending conferences, seminars and schools, and in-house laboratories and classrooms create opportunities of deep novel thought and advanced collaboration.

Learn more about our support infrastructure