Continuous Education Program

Achieving expertise is not a one-time effort, but a continuous process that involves constant learning. Every day, every engineer in Oneirix spends one hour in training. Those of us that have been around for 17 years, have been doing so for 17 years!

We consciously craft and grow our organization, in depth, and in multidisciplinary capabilities. We seek out diverse problems to work on. We love teaching each other, and sharing know-how with partner engineering teams. And we invest heavily in expert education, with a formal, in-house, continuous learning program.

Consequently, many of us have led problem-solving efforts in areas where we were originally not experts.

What is taught?

Anything and everything — new mathematics, new physics, engineering theory, algorithms and so on. Sometimes we learn theory that is required on some project, while at other times it might be a theory developed by one of us. Many times, we are learning just for the pure joy of learning, with the hope to apply it in the coming years.

Some specific subjects taught in the past few years: linear algebra, calculus, dynamical systems, PDEs, classical mechanics, special relativity, electromagnetics, thermodynamics, optics, queuing theory, information theory, electron devices, circuit theory, probability and statistics, signal processing, statistical signal processing, fluid mechanics, real analysis, complex analysis, symmetry groups, differential geometry, point set and algebraic topology.

Who teaches?

We do! We teach each other subjects that we have a background in or subjects that we newly study. We also have some people whose sole job is to teach us. From time to time, we organise guest lectures, and some of us occasionally attend courses in various advanced technical schools.