A Supportive Infrastructure & Environment

We invest heavily in resources required to create a rich, stimulating intellectual environment

Our library has thousands of technical books on diverse subjects, from the very basic to the extremely advanced. We have stacks on mathematics, basic sciences, engineering, economics and business.

We have digital access to scholarly journals from Springer, Elsevier, Nature, IEEE and Wiley-Blackwell. We sponsor technical society memberships for our senior team members and also sponsor our team members to attend industry as well as academic conferences, seminars and advanced schools.

We have an electronics lab, a fabrication workshop, an optics lab and a chemistry lab. We have also developed our own laboratory instrumentation — for photometry, gas leakage analysis, polymerization casting, material testing, etc.

With many classrooms and many more whiteboards strewn across our campus, opportunities for formal and informal education and collaboration abound. By policy, we expose young engineers to a diversity of theoretical and practical projects, making them more and more relevant to diverse, advanced challenges from a variety of fields.