Data Science & Algorithms

To manage complexity at scale, one must solve compu­ta­tionally intract­able problems and use computers to aug­ment the human intellect. Our experts help you gain formid­able new capa­bi­li­ties, by achieving these objec­tives with advanced computing & data science.


Traffic Management

Our Symbiotic Traffic Management System controls city traffic using adaptive traffic signals. The signals adapt based on live traffic data and also synchronize with each other to create green corridors for everyone. The system minimizes wait times, while optimizing the comfort and safety of commuters.

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Logistics Optimization

Large companies do logistics for their own operations, or for customers. Logistics involves multiple problems such as delivery planning, warehousing and packing. Each of these problems require an enormous amount of decision making based on extremely huge search spaces. Theoreticians call such problems NP-hard — code for “really hard to solve”. No existing computer can find optimum solutions for such problems, but we have developed algorithms that give close enough solutions.

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Recommendation Engines

We have written multiple recommendation engines. Our engines maximize utility of finite attention spans of customers, by accurate, fast suggestions of related purchases. The engines also help educate customer about new products, based on subtle customer need discovery; a hallmark of good recommendation engines.

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Human Guided Machine Vision

Humans and machines have different strong points. Machines are fast and precise. Humans understand context. Instead of building machine algorithms to replace humans, this project envisions a symbiotic relation between humans and machines to achieve machine vision tasks. Together, humans and machines achieve vision tasks with speed, accuracy and precision — better than either would alone.

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We create pricing models for companies using a judicious blend of techniques from economics, finance, management theory, algorithmic computing, A.I. and data science. Our pricing algorithms not only suggest prices, but also explain their suggestions in human-relatable terms: prediction of market demand, reasons for the predictions, reasons for pricing based on such predictions, and so forth.

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