Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Humanity will never completely understand our astonishing, chaotic world (let alone the universe).

How do we detect cancers? Can we intuit imminent onset of a disease, and pre-empt it? How can we tell what a human being will buy? Where they wish to go? What they wish to eat? What explains an economy-as-it-happens? Can we set prices optimally, in dynamic markets? Who can really foretell what the weather will do next?

We simply don't have the formulae that exactly explain these phenomena as they exist, unfold, and collide with other phenomena in the wild, wild world! Sometimes, even if we do have the formulae, we do not have the data or computing power to run them accurately. This is where machine learning & artificial intelligence come in.

M.L. and A.I. model aspects of reality by creating internal understandings from observed data. We can successfully apply these to study real-world, chaotic phenomena.

Oneirix Labs has expertise in applying M.L. and A.I. to many aspects of understanding, controlling and optimizing the real world, including:

recommendation systems
machine vision
social media
medical diagnostics


Recommendation Engines

We have written multiple recommendation engines. Our engines maximize utility of finite attention spans of customers, by accurate, fast suggestions of related purchases. The engines also help educate customer about new products, based on subtle customer need discovery; a hallmark of good recommendation engines.

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We create pricing models for companies using a judicious blend of techniques from economics, finance, management theory, algorithmic computing, A.I. and data science. Our pricing algorithms that not only suggest prices, but also explain their suggestions in human-relatable terms.

How does A.I. help in pricing?

Human Guided Machine Vision

Our HGMV system combines fast image processing and machine vision algorithms with an advanced GUI for instantaneous human feedback. It can deliver real-time, precise, and contextual results in many areas including in meteorology, medicine, film restoration, special effects, archaeology, and more.

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Detecting Intrusion in Video

We created algorithms for detecting intrusions in real-time from video streams. Such algorithms may be used for security purposes, and for safety on shop floors, railway tracks, common access roads, etc.

Social Graph Mining

Our social graph mining algorithms help discover concepts like subject-wise expertise, collaboration graphs, connection recommendations, predict behaviour for viral marketing etc., from graphs of connections and conversations between people.