Single Fiber Endoscopy

An endoscope as thin as a syringe

In 2005, Oneirix Labs proved the feasibility of multimode single fiber endoscopy, with computational image reconstruction. This is one of the very early disclosures in the field of single fibre endoscopy.

In traditional endoscopes, each pixel is sent through its own fiber. We showed using theoretical work and simulations, how to use multiple light transmission modes of a single waveguide (e.g. optical fiber) to transmit an entire multi-pixel image through a single optical fiber. This would make for dramatically thinner endoscopes, compared to the state of the art. Our patent further describes the computational techniques that would be required for image reconstruction at the doctor's end of the endoscope.

See our patent application: A novel system for capturing images.

Since 2010, more people have started to attempt single-fiber endoscopy using computational image reconstruction. However, the technique is young, and practical products are still a few years off. We continue to be excited by the great new capabilities single-fiber endoscopy could deliver to medicine and industry.

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