Canceling Tonal Noise in a Cochlear Implant

We devised a system that cancels noise and improves sound perception for cochlear implant users

Cochlear implants are neural implants which allow people with severe hearing loss to perceive sounds and speech. Many cochlear implants are equipped with a “telecoil” antenna that picks up electromagnetic fields from assistive listening systems. But the telecoil can also pick up noise from the cochlear implant itself, thus degrading signal purity and perceived audio quality.

Oneirix Labs devised a filter system that cancels such noise, improving sound perception for the implantee. The filter system works by tracking noise frequency and phase using a complex resonant filter. It then adaptively cancels this noise frequency. Interestingly, the system can also cancel harmonic and intermodulation harmonic noise, without using separate trackers for each such frequency.

For more information, see: Systems and methods for cancelling tonal noise in a cochlear implant system.