Transparent Light Source

Oneirix Labs developed a panel light source that looks completely transparent when switched off! The technique we invented scales from handheld to wall-sized formats. From art, to industry, to consumer electronics, the possibilities are limited only by our imagination:

• A window by day, a lamp by night
• Skylight by day, light by night
• Immersive reality experiences
• True eye-to-eye video conferencing
• Shadowless photography
• Speciality theater and studio lighting
• Light-based architecture (on-demand privacy walls)
• Transparent displays
• Dynamic, many-layered optical art installations

Actual Prototype
Actual Prototype


To create the transparent light source, we invented a novel optical engineering technique that uses specially engineered light-dispersing nanoparticles.

We built prototypes of this invention as well — which required creating new nanoparticles, a new method of embedding them in transparent material, and injecting light into this assembly using well-engineered optics and electronics.

Read the patent here: “Apparatus for providing a light source in the form of a surface that allows almost all external light to pass through without being dispersed”.