Universal Elastoplasticity

Is it possible to have a single umbrella model for all elastoplastic phenomena?

Plasticity is permanent deformation of materials. There are hundreds of plasticity models in literature, each based on various assumptions, observations and approximations. We asked the question, is there an umbrella model that encompasses all the various kinds of plasticity; from the bending of metals to the slow stress release in rocks?

Using only fundamental principles of mechanics, we have derived equations of elasto-plastic behavior which cover a large gamut of behaviors. So far, we have proven that our model encloses the two extremes of elasto-plastic behavior: one, perfectly solid “elasticity”, and two, perfectly fluid “plasticity”.

Now, we are focusing our ongoing investigation on various intermediate forms of elasto-plastic behaviour. Specifically, can our equations explain the behaviour of gels, metals, rubbers, rheological fluids, non-Newtonian fluids, creep, yield, and other elasto-plastic phenomena?