Intellectual Property

Oneirix Labs helps you create, file for, acquire, strategize and optimize new intellectual property


A valuable corporate asset. Strong, defensible intellectual property (IP) is a valuable corporate asset. Protecting your IP creates a strategic moat while you bring innovative products to market. It becomes a solid base for further innovation. And over time, your accumulated IP can itself become marketable.

Creating new IP. When tasked with difficult problems with no standard solutions, our scientists and engineers often times create new techniques, technologies or algorithms which can be considered new intellectual property. Protecting such IP, by filing for patents, gives you strategic advantage as you begin the difficult task of creating and accessing a new market.

IP sharing models. We tune our flexible IP sharing model to each specific project. In some projects, our client fully own the IP we create, in other projects we own the IP and license it to clients for specific uses. There are various middle grounds as well. Ask us about IP sharing on specific projects.

Our patenting cell. Our in-house patenting experts help acquire patents and produce strong intellectual property. We have successfully “prosecuted” patents to grant in multiple countries in the world, including the US, India, China, Taiwan, Japan, China, UK and the EU. We can partner with your designated IP lawyers, or we can take care of the entire patenting process, viz., draft, file, and prosecute patents till grant.

Our IP experts are extremely effective in producing strong IP, because they are part of our core team of scientists and engineers, and because they deeply understand technology. This enables our IP team to work closely with inventors to produce strong, accurate patent disclosures; the critical step in producing strong, defensible intellectual property.


If you are betting on new technology, you need to create a strong portfolio of intellectual property. Our team acts as a catalyst and advisor in this endeavor.

Patents are tricky. Getting them right requires a strong understanding of both technology and patent law. With our proven experience and expertise in both these fields, we are the ideal partners to help you create and implement your IP strategy.

Here is how we help.


Patent Filing Strategy and Analysis

We will look at your technology and advise you regarding the best way to file for intellectual property. We will analyze the patentability of your inventions by doing thorough prior art searches and comparing your patent disclosure and/or claims to prior art. This process is very important in creating strong patents. The more similar prior patents you discover, the more clearly you know how to write patents so that they do not get confused with prior inventions.


Freedom to Operate Your Technology

Freedom-to-operate analysis helps you make judicious technology development decisions. You may wish to develop, acquire, or market a technology of your interest. But, do you have the freedom to operate it? Patents held by others could encumber your use of said technology.

The nuanced task of freedom-to-operate analysis involves researching relevant patents and prior art, and then analyzing all the relevant ones to determine if our technology could infringe upon them. Each prior patent is examined using the techno-legal microscope of “claim construction”, in which we study what the patents say (“disclose”), and what they cover (“claim”). We analyze such patents in context of what they disclose, the state of the art, the discussions that ensued between the inventor and the patent office prior to patent grant (a matter of public record), as well as the patents and other literature preceding that patent.

All of the above have important and subtle effects on claim construction, and may vastly limit or expand the seeming scope of any particular patent. At Oneirix Labs, we deeply understand technology as well as patent law, and can advise you on the freedom to operate your technology.


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