Alfonso Limon

Healthcare and AI

Alfonso Limon is the advisor for medtech projects at Oneirix Labs. In his role, Alfonso helps companies leverage best research and development practices bringing cutting edge engineering to complete and on budget. He brings his decades worth of experience in healthcare R&D and applied mathematics to bear on solving customer problems while also continuously improving internal delivery processes.

Before joining Oneirix, he was the Director of Research at Intersection Medical, leading the development of algorithms managing congestive heart failure. In addition to his industrial experience, Alfonso is faculty at the American Board of AI in Medicine and an Associate Editor at the Intelligence-Based Medicine Journal.

Dr. Limon held the academic position of Visiting Professor of Mathematics at Pomona College and postdoc at Harvey Mudd College. Alfonso earned a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, an M.S. in Mathematics, and a Ph.D. in Computational Science. He has written over twenty articles in various scientific fields from computational finance to optimal energy transfer from satellites and holds several patents in impedance spectroscopy for CHF management. He is an expert in numerical analysis and frequently speaks on the intersection of predictive analytics and healthcare.



Devices for determining the relative spatial change in subsurface resistivities across frequencies in tissue
Apparatuses and methods for determining lung wetness
Impedance methods and apparatuses using arrays of bipolar electrodes
Apparatuses for home use in determining tissue wetness

Meshfree based multiresolution solver for PDEs with large gradients
Oxygen transport from the outer boundary of a pulsating wall of an arteriole
A multilevel adaptive solver based on second-generation wavelet thresholding techniques
A diffusion approach to labeling rows and columns in an irregular array
Transport of O2 from arterioles
Quantum corrections: a multilevel solver for the density-gradient equation
A multilevel framework for PDEs whose solution exhibits fast transitions
Tracking and identifying of multiple targets
Multiscale cell-based coarsening for discontinuous problems
Principles of control thermodynamics
A multilevel adaptive mesh generation scheme using Kd-trees
A multilevel approach to solving the Black–Scholes equation
A compact model for the I–V characteristics of an undoped double-gate MOSFET

Academic engagements
Faculty, American Board of AI in Medicine
Associate Editor, Intelligence-based Medicine Journal
Visiting Professor (Mathematics), Pomona College (past)
Post-doc (Mathematics), Harvey Mudd College (past)