Chaitanya Guttikar

Principal Engineer
Specialization – Mathematics

Dr. Chaitanya Guttikar has a PhD in Mathematics from Princeton University. He excels at bringing abstract mathematical thought to bear upon real-world problems.

Chaitanya joined the prestigious IIT, Bombay as an undergraduate in 1997. After courses in electrical engineering and mathematics, he graduated with an MS in Mathematics and immediately moved to Princeton for graduate studies. In 2008, Chaitanya received his PhD in algebraic geometry with a thesis titled “Recovering a Fano fibration from its derived category of coherent sheaves”. He then joined the University of Miami as a Visiting Assistant Professor.

Chaitanya started working at Oneirix Labs in 2015. He continues to be passionate about abstract mathematical thought including concepts from algebraic geometry, algebraic topology, differential geometry, functional analysis and graph theory, and has found applications for all of these in various industrial projects. The techniques he has invented have progressed diverse fields such as numerical simulation of fluids, geometry problems in automobiles and medical diagnostics.

Contact Chaitanya at (chaitanya dot guttikar at oneirix dot com)