Sanat Ganu

Principal Engineer
Specialization – Optics and Signal Processing

For 15+ years, Sanat has worked on and managed multi-disciplinary R&D projects related to optics and signal processing. After an undergraduate degree in electronics, Sanat graduated from BITS, Pilani with an MS in Software Systems in 2010. Starting his career at Codito Technologies in 2005, Sanat joined Oneirix Labs in 2006. At a budding Oneirix Labs, he got an opportunity to contribute to a variety of projects in signal processing and optimization algorithms. He went on to lead projects in diverse fields of applications including Optics, Bio-medical instrumentation, Energy, and Consumer Electronics.

Apart from formal college education, Sanat has worked on upgrading his skills through MOOC courses as well as offline courses in signal processing, applied mathematics, etc. With a sound theoretical background, quick learnability and experience-backed intuition, he has helped in delivering useful solutions to Oneirix Labs’ customers within budgeted timelines and resources.