Udayan Kanade


Udayan graduated with an MS in Computer Science from Stanford University. As Chief Scientist of Codito, he was a pioneer in multicore parallelism in the early 2000s. In 2005, Udayan founded Oneirix Labs with a vision to enable technology business ventures in the age of predictive models.

Udayan has over two decades of experience building expert teams to craft technical solutions. Under his guidance, Oneirix has delivered hundreds of successful projects across a wide variety of industries from healthcare to automotive. He has produced advances in a range of fields from computational physics to electronic sensors, and been granted over 30 patents.

Today, Udayan continues to personally interview every engineer at Oneirix Labs, while concentrating on driving business strategy expanding engineering and data driven practices internally and for Oneirix Labs' clients. He remains passionate about leveraging a range of mathematical modeling techniques from device physics to machine learning, to help expedite digital transformations and create new technology.



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The Microgeometry of Pressure Seals, Fluid Leakage across a Pressure Seal, COMSOL Conference 2014, COMSOL
Automation in Single Chip Parallel Programming – the “Cascade” Language, GSPx 2005
A Study of Arithmetic Genetic Encoding for Highly Randomized Fitness Landscapes, GECCO 1999

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Select patents in consumer optics
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Academic engagements
Member of the Board of Management of Vishwakarma Institute of Technology
Member of the Board of Studies of the Mathematics Department at SP College
Taught the subjects Design & Analysis of Algorithms, Advanced Signal Processing, and Introduction to Applicable Mathematics at various colleges
Undergraduate admissions alumni volunteer, Stanford University