Why Mathematics

Various mathematical tools are applied throughout the technology stack

Any new technology created today is fundamentally dependent on mathematics. Mathematics to understand real-world phenomena, mathematics to build devices with novel capabilities, and mathematics to take intelligent decisions. Mathematics is the art of creating models of reality, and using these models to develop better engineering and better algorithms.

If you are interested in creating new technology, you would be interested in some real-world phenomena, to which will interface one or more devices. The device(s) will have software embedded into it(them), and will further interface with the cloud and hand-held devices. Finally, there will be one or more user interfaces.

Most technology development outsourcing agencies concentrate on a few layers of this stack. Instead of concentrating on the engineering of these layers, Oneirix Labs concentrates on the appropriate use of applied mathematics throughout this technology stack. We will create the appropriate mathematical models for your specific problem, and use them to solve your technological challenges. We will help you develop better devices and control them better. Through various mathematical specializations, we will help you develop better algorithms that become an integral part of your technology.